I hate feeling overwhelmed. I’m getting too old to start fucking worry about shit that is growing and accumulating on my To Do list. Here’s a picture as evidence for my brilliant mental state because I get stupid being overwhelmed and start wasting my time like taking a picture of this here bug. 


Keep it simple

Avean graduates!!

Today you graduate Avean!! Words are not enough to express how happy and proud I am for you.

Keep it real, homie :) Rock that stage and cape like you owned it.

Be you :D

Thee um *cough* beach looks very beautiful just look at all that white sand mmmm very nice ;)

Gurd Lawd!

Being a single ”pure” twenty-something year old woman who is deeply devoted to her family. Imma let you know that despite all of that. I am a pervert. A pervert with taste but a pervert nonetheless. I admit that I shamelessly check out guys. Whether I’m on the road, doing the shopping, or walking down the street. If you are hot, mature and packing the right stuff. Expect to be oddled, sighed and whistled at every part of your exquisite male anatomy. That is all.

Part of the Craze

Naruto Shippuuden is now added on my list of favourite Animes. But I will admit that I only watch episodes with Naruto in it. Sue or kill me but Sasuke is overrated. He’s like an emo kid only talented and extremely dangerous to the Hidden Leaf Village. Anyway, back to Naruto baby his work ethic is amazing. Please hurry up and grow into the finest piece of anime booty in the known shoujo world.  

When I finally get an email for an interview



Opening up your test and you see the first question




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I Miss Wellington!!

Okay, I ain’t gonna lie. But being at home….is so boring and and so sad! Gahhhhhh, even though I’ve went and gotten myself into studying another degree again while hopelessly looking for work has been well hopeless. I really miss Wellington. I miss everything it offered me. 

Ah, fuck it. I’m done feeling sorry for myself. 

But, those damn first, second and third years on facebook sure are rubbing it in my face. I hope you all fail >:D 

At School


1st month of school:


The rest of the school year:


Coudn’t have said it better :(

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cleanpajamas-deactivated2013041 asked: what you been up to?

HI HI! nothing much. went to the premiere - was angst that I didn’t see Lee Pace a total waste of my 2 hours of the day :/ but I read your graduation posts!! :D

See you soon uso! I can’t wait to see all of you! I’m graduating too!! YAY!!!